Xilinx Vitis Drivers API Documentation
hdcp22_tx Documentation

This file contains the main implementation of the Xilinx HDCP 2.2 Transmitter device driver.

Ver   Who    Date     Changes

1.00 JO 06/24/15 Initial release. 1.01 MH 01/15/16 Replaced function XHdcp22Tx_SetDdcHandles with XHdcp22Tx_SetCallback. Removed test directives. 1.02 MG 02/25/16 Added authenticated callback and GetVersion. 1.03 MG 02/29/16 Added XHdcp22Cipher_Disable in function XHdcp22Tx_Reset. 1.04 MH 03/14/16 Updated StateA5 to check re-authentication request before enabling the cipher. 2.00 MH 06/28/16 Updated for repeater downstream support. 2.01 MH 02/13/17 1. Fixed function XHdcp22Tx_IsInProgress to correctly return TRUE while state machine is executing. 2. Fixed checking of seq_num_V for topology propagation. 3. Updated state A0 to set 100ms timer before sending AKE_Init message to ensure encryption is disabled. 4. Fixed function XHdcp22Tx_UpdatePairingInfo to check for empty slots before overriding entry. 5. Fixed problem with pairing table update that was causing corrupted entries. 6. Update to check return status of DDC read/write. 7. Fixed compiler warnings. 2.20 MH 04/12/17 Added function XHdcp22Tx_IsDwnstrmCapable. 2.30 MH 07/06/17 1. Updated for 64 bit ARM support. 2. Added HDCP2Capable check for re-authentication 3. Update cipher enablement 4. Fix in XHdcp22Tx_WaitForReceiver to poll RxStatus based on fixed interval. 5. Fix in XHdcp22Tx_WaitForReceiver to wait for READY and non-zero Message_Size before reading message buffer. 6. Check return status of DDC write/read when polling RxStatus register. 2.31 YB 03/28/19 Moved the reading of the DDC status from XHdcp22Tx_TimerHandler to XHdcp22Tx_Poll.