Xilinx Vitis Drivers API Documentation
hdcp22_rx Documentation

This file contains the main implementation of the Xilinx HDCP 2.2 Receiver device driver.

 Ver   Who  Date     Changes

1.00 MH 10/30/15 First Release 1.01 MH 01/15/16 Updated function XHdcp22Rx_SetDdcReauthReq to remove static. Replaced function XHdcp22Rx_SetDdcHandles with XHdcp22Rx_SetCallback. Added callback for authenticated event. 1.02 MH 03/02/16 Updated to perform Montgomery NPrime calcuation when XHdcp22Rx_LoadPrivateKey is called. Added function XHDCP22Rx_GetVersion. 1.03 MH 03/15/16 Fixed XHdcp22Rx_SetLinkError and XHdcp22Rx_SetDdcError functions to update error flag. 2.00 MH 04/14/16 Updated for repeater upstream support. 2.01 MH 02/28/17 Fixed compiler warnings. 2.20 MH 06/08/17 Updated for 64 bit support.