How to setup SwiftyMocky

Mocks generation is based on mocky.yml file.

First, create file in your project root directory with following structure:

  - ./ExampleApp
  - ./ExampleAppTests
  - ./Pods/SwiftyMocky/Sources/Templates
    - ExampleApp
    - RxSwift
    - RxBlocking
    - force_cast
    - function_body_length
    - line_length
    - vertical_whitespace
  • sources: all directories you want to scan for protocols/files marked to be auto mocked, or inline mocked
  • templates: path to SwiftyMocky sourcery templates, in Pods directory
  • output: place where Mock.generated.swift will be placed
  • testable: specify imports for Mock.generated, that should be marked as @testable (usually tested app module)
  • import: all additional imports, external libraries etc. to be placed in Mock.generated
  • excludedSwiftLintRules: if using swift SwiftLint.

Generate mocks:

  1. manually: by triggering:

Pods/Sourcery/bin/ --config mocky.yml

  1. in watch mode: changed methods will be reflected in mocks, after generation of mock, by triggering:

Pods/Sourcery/bin/ --config mocky.yml --watch

Don’t forget to add Mock.generated.swift to your test target :)

Please Note! Most convenient way is to put generation in some kind of script - like Rakefile below. Just create file named Rakefile - generation is triggered by rake mock

# Rakefile
task :mock do
  sh "Pods/Sourcery/bin/ --config mocky.yml"

task :mock_watcher do
  sh "Pods/Sourcery/bin/ --config mocky.yml --watch"

Marking protocols to be mocked

1. AutoMockable annotation

Mark protocols that are meant to be mocked with sourcery annotation as following:

//sourcery: AutoMockable
protocol ToBeMocked {
  // ...

Every protocol in source directories, having this annotation, will be added to Mock.generated.swift

@objc protocols are also supported, but needs to be explicity marked with ObjcProtocol annotation:

//sourcery: AutoMockable
//sourcery: ObjcProtocol
@objc protocol NonSwiftProtocol {
  // ...

2. AutoMockable protocol

Create dummy protocol for you project:

protocol AutoMockable { }

Every protocol in source directories, inheriting (directly!) from AutoMockable, will be added to Mock.generated.swift, like:

protocol ToBeMocked: AutoMockable {
  // ...

3. Manual annotation

In some rare cases, when you don’t want to use Mock.generated.swift, or need to add some additional code to generated mock, you can create base for mock implementation yourself. It will look something like following:

import Foundation
import SwiftyMocky
import XCTest
@testable import TestedApp

// sourcery: mock = "ToBeMocked"
class SomeCustomMock: ToBeMocked, Mock {
  Your custom code can go here

  // sourcery:inline:auto:ToBeMocked.autoMocked

  Generated code goes here...

  // sourcery:end