This mixin is used by custom logger subclasses and defines a single method, #flatten, which takes structured log data and turns it into a single line of output including ISO 8601 time and date in local server time zone (since that makes log analysis easier for humans working in non-UTC time zone regions).

Using this is of course entirely optional, but if you do use it, you will be ensuring consistent non-structured log output across any non-structured writers.

Instance Public methods
flatten( log_level, component, code, data )

Take the parameters from Hoodoo::Logger::WriterMixin#report and return a single line string representing the “flattened” log data.

# File lib/hoodoo/logger/flattener_mixin.rb, line 31
def flatten( log_level, component, code, data )
  "#{ log_level.to_s.upcase } [#{ Hoodoo::Utilities.standard_datetime( ) }] #{ component } - #{ code }: #{ data.inspect }"