IBM Decision Optimization on Cloud (DOcplexcloud) enables you to solve optimization problems on the cloud without installing or configuring a solver. We handle the connection so that you can jump into coding faster.

This documentation describes the R API to access the service.


This library requires R 3.2 or later.

Install the library

You can install the library from github:



This sample is in the demo directory. It shows how to submit a job with a simple model as a .lp file. Once the DOcplexcloud client installed, you can run the demo in R with demo('submit-job').


job <- NULL
    # uses environment variables DOCPLEXCLOUD_URL and DOCPLEXCLOUD_KEY
    # for \code{url} and \code{key} parameters
    client <- DOcplexcloudClient$new(verbose=TRUE)

    # create job, upload attachment, submit execution
    # and wait for completion
    job <- client$submitJob(addAttachment("sample_diet.lp"))
    if (job$executionStatus == "PROCESSED") {
        # Download attachment
        solution = client$getAttachment(job, "solution.json")
        # at this point, the json solution has ben parsed
        # and can be accessed using solution$CPLEXSolution
        # we can write it for future use or whatever
        write(toJSON(solution), "solution.json")
    } else {
        # An error occured
        cat("Job finished with status", job$executionStatus)
}, finally = {
    if (!is.null(job))  client$deleteJob(job)

Download samples

Samples can be downloaded from the IBM Decision Optimization GitHub repository.

The predict accidents sample is a fully featured Shiny application using the IBM Decision Optimization on Cloud solve service.

Get your IBM Decision Optimization on Cloud API key

  1. Register for a trial account

    Register for the DOcplexcloud free trial and use it free for 30 days. See Free trial.

  2. Get your API key

    With your free trial, you can generate a key to access the DOcplexcloud API. Visit the Get API key & base URL page to generate the key once you’ve registered. This page also contains the base URL you must use for DOcplexcloud.


This library is delivered under the Apache License Version 2.0, January 2004 (see LICENSE).