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Diligent::SwapChainDesc Struct Reference

Swap chain description. More...

Public Member Functions

 SwapChainDesc ()
 Constructor intializes the structure members with default values.

Public Attributes

Uint32 Width
 The swap chain width. Default value is 0.
Uint32 Height
 The swap chain height. Default value is 0.
TEXTURE_FORMAT ColorBufferFormat
 Back buffer format. Default value is TEX_FORMAT_RGBA8_UNORM_SRGB.
TEXTURE_FORMAT DepthBufferFormat
 Depth buffer format. Default value is TEX_FORMAT_D32_FLOAT.
Uint32 SamplesCount
 Sample count. Default value is 1.
Uint32 BufferCount
 Number of buffers int the swap chain.
Float32 DefaultDepthValue
 Default depth value, which is used as optimized depth clear value in D3D12.
Uint8 DefaultStencilValue
 Default stencil value, which is used as optimized stencil clear value in D3D12.

Detailed Description

Swap chain description.