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Diligent::EngineD3D12Attribs Struct Reference

Attributes specific to D3D12 engine. More...

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Public Attributes

Uint32 CPUDescriptorHeapAllocationSize [4]
 Size of the CPU descriptor heap allocations for different heap types.
Uint32 GPUDescriptorHeapSize [2]
 Size of the GPU descriptor heap allocations for different heap types.
Uint32 GPUDescriptorHeapDynamicSize [2]
 Size of the dynamic GPU descriptor heap region for different heap types.
Uint32 DynamicDescriptorAllocationChunkSize [2]
 This is the size of the chunk that dynamic descriptor allocations manager request from the main GPU descriptor heap.
Uint32 NumCommandsToFlushCmdList = 256
 Number of commands to flush the command list. Only draw/dispatch commands count towards the limit. Command lists are only flushed when pipeline state is changed or when backbuffer is presented.
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class IMemoryAllocator * pRawMemAllocator
 Pointer to the raw memory allocator that will be used for all memory allocation/deallocation operations in an engine.

Detailed Description

Attributes specific to D3D12 engine.