Inclusion through Design

Inclusive Design

IntroductionAn inclusively designed wheelchair showing that everyone is considered, regardless of culture and language.

Have you ever heard of the term "inclusive design", and what do you think it means? Inclusive design is design that considers the diversity of all humans including as many people as possible with respect to one's capabilities, gender, age, religion, language, and other forms of human differences. The importance of inclusive design is to raise equality and allow everyone to access and use certain devices, software, tools, objects, and other parts that they couldn’t previously use or perform before. It is crucial that there is inclusion for everyone and everything that we do because everyone has the right to be open to new opportunities and to be able to do certain things and perform certain tasks the same way as everyone else just like how every student from kindergarten to high school has the right to a free public education. The purpose of this OER is to inform you of what inclusive design is all about and the importance of it and to get you thinking more "inclusively".