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Annotation : An annotation is a meta data attached to a targeted data. These annotation can add extra information (e.g a comment, a placeholder) but can also add specific behavior such as default value or pattern for your datas.

API : API stands for Application Programming Interface. It's a set of subroutine definitions, protocols, and tools for building software or applications. As an example, Hesperides IHM use an API for everything, creating module, creating application in order to free the IHM of the hard work

Application : In Hesperides, an application stands for functionnal bloc. Let's take an example. A seller own two shop, one selling sports stuff, the other decorative stuff. He will have two website, each of them representing an application


Event : Hesperides uses the principle of events : Hesperides does not store datas (of a module for example) at time t, but store all the operations done on the module


File : Files is the service group name regarding the generation of the valuated files for your application.


Global Property : key-value property at platform level


Hesperides : Open sourced tool, allowing to generate any kind of file type considering on one hand the templates, and the other hand the applications.


Instance : Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet

Instance Property : key-value property at instance level

Iterable Property : Mechanism of mustache used to repeat a block define once


Konami Code : Code that can bring up things when browsing your favorite website ...


Logic Group : Element of the path of your platform


Module : Hesperides object that contains templates and can inherites a techno

Module Property : key-value property at module level

Mustache : Logic-less templates :


Path : Aggregation of logic group and module to identify a uniq way to generate your properties for your appliaction and platform

Pattern : Annotation allowing you to validate the property value (see Examples)

Platform : Instantiation of an application

Platform Property : See Global property

Predefined Valuation : To create your platform you have to fulfill application name, platform name, path, instance name ... : Hesperides allows you through predefined variables to use it directly in the valuation (exemple : {{}} can be used directly in the valuation of your module)

Production : Hesperides concept to qualify a platform as a restricted area

Property : a property is a key that will be replaced by a value

Property Level : You can define a property on 3 levels : platform, module and instance


Release : Qualify a module that you can not change the templates

REST : representational state transfer (REST) or RESTful is an architectural style used for web development


Swagger : The OpenAPI Specification (originally known as the Swagger Specification) is a specification for machine-readable interface files for describing, producing, consuming, and visualizing RESTful web services.


Techno : Hesperides object that contains templates. A techno is considered only if it's inherited in a module.

Template : Association of a content (containing mustache or not) with a location

Type : Attribute for a module or a techno to know if it's a "Working copy" or a "release"


Valuation : Action to fulfill a value to a property


Working Copy : Qualify a module where you can still make changes