In progress


DROOLS-3053 Modal dialog for confirmation

"Done" but possibly out of date as future stories affect them


JBPM-7663 Timeline for Process Logs

Drools mgmt-results-table

DROOLS-2784 "Expression builder" dock tab
DROOLS-2707 Results panel

Page layout, palette

AF-1006 Revised Process Designer Palette
BXMSUX-284 For comparison: Designer palette reskinned (css only on palette.html)


JBPM-6903 Just the Save Filter widget
JBPM-6787 CSS for Process Admin filter results list/table implemented with DataTables.net
Table pulled from Process Instances list and restyled (note HTML structure)
Same table redone with datatables.net - compare quality of HTML!
JBPM-6725 Management - dock

Knowledge Worker

(experimental) Knowledge Worker Case View

Optaplanner Rostering


Skills List

Skills List - adding an item

Spots List

Spots List - adding a spot

Spots List - editing a spot

Employee List

Employee List - deleting an employee


AF-632 Spaces - resolve conflicts
AF-978 Spaces - Make a new branch
AF-933 Spaces - Settings
AF-937 Spaces - change request
AF-938 Spaces - change request list
AF-938 Spaces - change request overview
AF-938 Spaces - change request files
AF-580 Spaces - empty state
AF-580 Spaces - contributor list
AF-580 Spaces - asset list
AF-580 Spaces - asset list alert
AF-580 Spaces - asset list conflict
AF-580 Spaces - metrics

Knowledge Worker

AF-607 Knowledge Worker Home Page
AF-607 Knowledge Worker Detail Page

BPM Home page

BXMSUX-276 BPM Suite Home Page
BXMSUX-294 BPM Design Library
BXMSUX-274 BPM Processes and tasks view
BXMSUX-284 Designer palette reskinned (css only on palette.html)
jBPM Suite Home Page - cleanup, add background graphic
Red Hat BPM Suite Home Page - cleanup, add background graphic
BXMSUX-197 Settings

Case View

BXMSUX-187 Case list building block
BXMSUX-199 Case overview Screen Template
BXMSUX-201 Case View Screen Template
BXMSUX-213 Case View
BXMSUX-209 Case Actions building block
BXMSUX-190 Case Details building block
BXMSUX-212 Case stages block
BXMSUX-192 Case roles block
BXMSUX-210 Case milestones block
Case view filled in with new building blocks
BXMSUX-248 Case Activities building block
BXMSUX-211 Case Comments building block
BXMSUX-258 Case View - Files building block

Page layout, palette

BXMSUX-260 Process Detail Panel Template
BXMSUX-223 Editor Toolbar
Blank Slate
About Modal
Project List
Project - empty project
Project - populated project
BXMSUX-140 Just the designer palette on its own (NOTE: has been reskinned by BXMSUX-284)

Old/out of date/probably broken

Designer palette implemented as vertical navigation
Basic layout for BxMS Editor screen
Basic layout for BxMS Editor screen, adding in the palette