matlab-xunit Release History

4.1.0 (2016-12-22)

4.0.0 (2014-07-21)

3.1 19-Nov-2010

3.0.2 30-Jul-2010

3.0.1 16-Jun-2010

Fixed handling of TestCase subclasses in a test package.

3.0 12-Jun-2010

2.0.1 04-Aug-2009

Corrected errors in assertElementsAlmostEqual and assertVectorsAlmostEqual related to NaN and Inf inputs. assertElementsAlmostEqual now properly asserts when one input is finite and the other is infinite. assertVectorsAlmostEqual now asserts whenever any input element is NaN or infinite. The behavior of xunit.utils.compareFloats has been changed to match.

2.0 05-June-2009

1.1.3 20-May-2009

Remove the LICENSE.txt file because the open source BSD license is now supplied automatically by the MATLAB Central File Exchange. There are no functional changes in this version.

1.1.2 02-Apr-2009

This release fixes a bug with assertVectorsAlmostEqual when the caller provided a custom message. When the function errored out because the tolerance was exceeded, the function would issue a different error message than expected.

1.1.1 16-Mar-2009

This release fixes a problem when calling mtest with no input arguments. Previously, it was not limiting its test-case discovery to TestCase subclasses and ordinary M-files beginning with "test" or "Test" as documented.

This release also integrates the MTEST documentation with the MATLAB Help Browser.

1.1 11-Mar-2009

This release adds new tools for performing floating-point comparisons. Using the new assertion functions assertElementsAlmostEqual and assertVectorsAlmostEqual, you can perform both absolute and relative tolerance comparisons, either elementwise or in a vector L2-norm fashion.

The previous floating-point comparison function, assertAlmostEqual, is still available, but its use is discouraged.

1.0 30-Jan-2009

This release, the first to be posted on the MATLAB Central File Exchange, includes a refactoring of TestCase and TestSuite to use the composite design pattern. Both classes now subclass the abstract class TestComponent, and the individual items contained in a TestSuite object are TestComponent objects. That means a TestSuite object can contain both TestSuite objects and TestCase objects.

TestSuites are now built up hierarchically. All the test cases in a subfunction-based test M-file become a test suite, which in turn can be part of a test suite for an entire test directory.

The mtest driver function can now take the name of a directory, in which case it will automatically discover and run all the test cases in that directory.

The old TestRunObserver class has become the abstract TestRunMonitor class, with subclasses TestRunLogger and CommandWindowTestRunDisplay.

TestCaseInDir has been modified to do a directory change before executing the test case. The new class TestCaseWithAddPath makes a temporary path addition before executing the test case.

Subfunction-based test M-files written for one of the alpha versions of MTEST need to be revised so that the output variable name is "test_suite", and so that the first line of code calls the script "initTestSuite".

0.9 12-Sep-2008

This release is an extensive update that provides simpler ways of writing and running test cases.

0.8.1 17-Mar-2008

0.8 15-Mar-2008