my digital droppings

Anyone who's ever been good at anything has made a few ugly things along the way. This is a collection of my early attempts to make various technologies work for me.

Homemade Soap Project

My wife and I made soap from oil and lye. I created some logos in which the soap is trying to have some fun and by:dunlap always shows up to spoil it!

Grade-a-tron 3000

Any honest teacher will tell you the most onerous part of their job is grading. I built a program in Excel Visual Basic to grade student responses. It was later expanded into an Outlook VB app that had students use their phones as clickers.

Tech Tip

Emails and Videos

Creating tech tip emails and later videos was part of my most recent position, where I served as an instructional technology coach.

Flash Physics Simulations

As a graduate student, I audited an Adobe Flash course and made some simulations for my students.