Nu Delta 2011 Summer Internships*
Nu Delta Fraternity CPW 2011 Schedule

To the "Potential" Class of 2015:
Still considering MIT for next year? Come to Nu Delta and we'll show you MIT the way it was meant to be shown. We have tons of events, tons of food, and tons of excitement to meet the 15's. If you have any questions about MIT or Nu Delta, feel free to contact Chris Kelly (

Thursday, 4-7
  • Lunch at Student Center Steps (1-3pm)
Friday, 4-8
  • Lunch outside Student Center Steps (1-3pm)
  • Waffle House, (8:30-10pm)
  • ND Lounging (10-2am)
  • After midnight delight (2-4am)
Saturday, 4-9
  • Breakfast of Champions (9-11am)
  • ND Ballin’ and Football (12-2pm)
  • Roofdeck Barbecue (3-5:30pm)
  • NDurance – Can you handle it? (9-2am)
Sunday, 4-10
  • Breakfast of Champions II (9-11am)
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