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Nu Delta (ΝΔ) Fraternity was founded in 1922 under Phi Mu Delta (ΦΜΔ). Since then, we have broken from the national and are now a stand-alone fraternity. As a local fraternity, the decisions that our brothers make shoulder more responsibility than at a typical fraternity. The brothers of Nu Delta relish this opportunity to make such a lasting impact and thrive under the many demands.

We are located just across the river from MIT in Boston, MA. The distance is really no deterrent as we are one of the closest fraternities in Boston, and free MIT shuttles frequent the area (If you don't believe us, see for yourself). Around 30 brothers live in our four-story abode. Keeping our numbers small allows us to stay tightly knit and form bonds of brotherhood throughout the ranks.


As a whole, Nu Delta is strongly committed to fostering a strong academic work ethic among its members. We begin with a rigorous program during our new member education period to both get the new members accustomed to a regular study routine and introduce them to various study locations across campus.

Our upperclassmen join the effort by offering the freshman their time in study sessions or in private meetings if the sessions are not enough. This academic emphasis does not end once the members are inducted, however. Nu Delta maintains its strong standpoint on academics throughout the lifetime of its members, thoroughly engraining a fervent hunger for academic excellence within its brothers.


Although we emphasize academics to a great extent, we stray far from the brain without brawn idiom. We seek to strike a balance between the academic demands of MIT and physical well-being of our brothers. We accomplish this by being an active participant in the various Intramural Sports offered at MIT. Nu Delts can be seen playing a variety of sports like soccer, basketball, dodgeball, and football.

In these games, as with everything the brothers of Nu Delta partake in, we aim for success. As a result, Nu Delta has become a force to be reckoned with in the intramural world and is committed to maintaining its competitive edge. We do not limit ourselves to the intramural world either. Several brothers have participated in varsity sports, and all of our brothers participate in pick up games versus each other.

Community Service

As a local fraternity, the brothers of Nu Delta are not bound to a certain quota for community service hours like at other fraternities - but try and tell that to our brothers. Nu Delta has become very active in the community, raising money for various charities and events, volunteering for events in Boston, and even going on trips to help out in less fortunate areas.

Last year, we raised over $1200 for the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life, while having almost our entire house present throughout night of the relay. Every year, we participate in the Boston Back Bay Ally Rally to help clean up the greater Boston area. Many brothers are also members of the MIT STEM program in which they help mentor middle school students on the weekends. And, since we have no quota, you can be sure that the brothers of Nu Delta are always genuine in their desire to help the community and be proactive.

Social Events

The brothers of Nu Delta strive to make the most out of their lives and social events are no exception. We cultivate lasting friendships with the Sororities of MIT by having mixers. The mixers can range from laser tag and bowling to just relaxing at the house by ordering food and dancing.

We also have mixers with many other groups from schools like Northeastern, BU, Wellesley, Harvard, and Tufts. To further our acquisition of new acquaintances, we throw parties and have pub nights. We are known for throwing some of the best parties at MIT. Get Nu'd, our signature party, typically attracts over 800 people every year. The parties give the brothers the chance to kick back and have fun while meeting new people.

Brotherhood Events
Besides the social events, we also have various brotherhood events that allow us to just enjoy the company of and have fun with the rest of the brothers. Brotherhood events include the likes of retreats to different states, bowling and pool at Julians, as well as impromptu class dinners. There really aren’t enough words to describe what’s like to be a Nu Delt, but just to sum up the points made above:

"The Fraternity of Nu Delta is founded on three ideals: Trust, Respect, and Brotherhood. Moreover, each Brother strives to live his life, both inside and outside of MIT, up to these standards. We take great pride in our continued drive for excellence, our diverse range of personalities and background, and our ever-strengthening bonds of Brotherhood. Each Brother has only passion for the Fraternity, and compassion for his Brethren. With such character at hand, Nu Delta is not a four-year experience - it is life-long and life-giving."

Zach Ybarra
Nu Delta President
Class of 2012
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