Is Big Data a Big Deal?

Not Without Correct Software!

Gregory M. Kapfhammer

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What is Big Data?

Electronic music group from New York City?

Yes, but not in this context!

Create models, make predictions, and take action!

"V" Times Three?




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Wait, have we missed a "V"?

We Need Veracity!

Confidence in the correctness of the data and software

Achieved through verification and validation

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Software Testing

Execute the test cases against the system under test

Check to see if the system's output is as expected

Status Report

Testing data mining and database systems

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Testing: scale to the level of big data systems

Big Data: Holistically consider all of the four "V"s

Next Steps?

Let's Talk!

Collaboration between research communities

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Is Big Data a Big Deal?

Of course it is!

A Bigger Deal

Greater impact with high-quality big data systems

Important societal benefits with correct predictions

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