Fusion Tables Chart Wizard

This wizard creates the code or URL you need to display a Fusion Tables chart on its own or embedded in another web page. Note that the table must be public or unlisted and exportable.

After configuring your chart, you will have three ways to use the chart:

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1. Enter table id and choose columns:

2. Choose filter and sort criteria and number of rows to display in chart:

example expression: Country = 'USA' and 'Total Sales' > 100
By default, only the first 100 rows of data are displayed.

Ascending Descending

3. Advanced Options (summarize groups of rows, change formatting and column names)

using sum average min max count

Apply this format (see format patterns) to
H-axis format:
V-axis format:

Rename this column as (to undo, rename with a blank name)

4. Click "Configure Chart" to use the Chart Editor

Width px
Height px

Your URL

Your iframe