Day 2, Registration & Practice Session (Nov 17, 2006)

Today is the registration and practice session. We got a souvenir during the registration: a USB Flash Drive 256 Mb.

When Andrian Kurniady took out his camera, the ACM ICPC committees seemed shocked:
"Wow what a marvelous camera he got! Is he a contestant or a photographer?" :P

The first thing I did is open my laptop and check: Is there a Wi-Fi around here? :P
It appeared that this university (Sun Yat Sen Univ) also has free (no blocked sites whatsoever)
unlimited hi-speed internet connection for guests! So, my downloads resumed :D
I think Bina Nusantara should learn from this university about the internet connection! :P
The meeting hall (right picture) is big, it has microphone for every seats.

This is the two teams from Bina Nusantara:
First 3 from Left: The ACSlayerS team, consist of Surya Sujarwo, Kenny Hartono, Cun Cun Lim.
First 3 from Right: The YoiAC team, consist of Felix Halim, Andrian Kurniady, Andoko Chandra

Our team guide was William Artan, he is also from Indonesia (he is our saviour in Taiwan!)
William Artan is in blue at the middle of the picture.
Our Coach, Raymond Kosala, is also in blue at the right.

We went to the competition room for practice session.

We didn't know that Java was not supported until today's practice session but that was not bother us much. Our team, YoiAC, was really fortunate to have Andrian Kurniady that has good experience in linux environment. I was really glad that Kurniady make it easy for compiling and running the program using shell scripts. It was really a coincidence that the compilers and editors was really similar to the one I used during the last 3 month practicing, the G++ and GEdit.

The practice session was not given any problems to practice, but we can still try to submit anything, pick and test the available editors and compilers. We didn't manage to setup Eclipse to compile and run C++ programs :( The replacement is GEdit that has syntax coloring and editing, then compile the source code automated by Andrian Kurniady using shell script ;P

When I went to the rest room I saw the scoreboard at the outside of the competition room. It was intended for the guests, coaches, audiences who want to keep track with the standings. Since this is only for practice, maybe the judge randomly pick the feedback for every submission (either Yes, No, Compile Error, etc...). So Andrian Kurniady "licikin", submit as many source code for every problems, and soon, our team A032 is the champion for the practice session, horray :P

After the practice session was over, William Artan took us to look around the university.
There is a nice beach near the university, and is a really a perfect place for teenagers! (u know what I mean)

William said that the university students really like to see sunsets, it is beautiful.

Here you go, the Baywatch team!

The scene around the beach really fits to a wallpaper.

Sun Yat Sen university also has it's own Soccer field!
I really love this university! Hi-Speed internet, Soccer field, Beach, NICE!

Then we went back to the King Ship hotel, and rest (not forget to resume downloads).

At night, Andrian Kurniady and I made a bet that if we solved problem 302 - John's Trip, then we will be the champion tomorrow. This problem is really bugging me for the last 2 weeks, I cannot get it accepted. When we discuss the problem again, it appeared that I misread the problem statement :P, the starting node is the same with the ending node. If so, then this problem can be solved easily just like problem 10054 - Necklace, it's just an Eulerian Path. And yes, we did get problem 302 accepted! (this is a sign that we'll do well tomorrow).

Another good sign is the seat number. When the seat number was randomized (during the practice session), YoiAC got seat number 32. Andoko Chandra said it means that we are the biggest special numbered team around here. He believes that power of 2 are special numbers (1,2,4,8,..,32,64,..) and since no other team got number bigger than us (no seat number 64) therefore we are the most special :)

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