Xilinx Vitis Drivers API Documentation
xdptxss_dbg.c File Reference


void XDpTxSs_ReportSinkCapInfo (XDpTxSs *InstancePtr)
 This function prints the capabilities of the DisplayPort sink.
void XDpTxSs_ReportCoreInfo (XDpTxSs *InstancePtr)
 This function reports list of sub-cores included in DisplayPort TX Subsystem.
void XDpTxSs_ReportSplitterInfo (XDpTxSs *InstancePtr)
 This function prints the current Dual Splitter information.
void XDpTxSs_ReportVtcInfo (XDpTxSs *InstancePtr)
 This function prints the current VTC timing information.
void XDpTxSs_ReportLinkInfo (XDpTxSs *InstancePtr)
 This function prints the link status, selected resolution, bits per color and link/lane count symbol error.
void XDpTxSs_ReportMsaInfo (XDpTxSs *InstancePtr)
 This function prints the current main stream attributes from the DisplayPort TX core.
void XDpTxSs_ReportHdcpInfo (XDpTxSs *InstancePtr)
 This function prints the debug display info of the HDCP interface.