Vorlon.JS Test Page

This test page includes the vorlon client script. Ensure you are running the Vorlon.JS server, as explained in the Vorlon.JS docs. Then open the Vorlon.JS dashboard and refresh this page.

Console Logging

Console messages get logged to the Vorlon.JS dashboard. Try it!

Dom Explorer

You can inspect the DOM of this page from the Vorlon.JS dashboard. Here is some html with inline styles, and css styles applied.

This text is styled by css

This text has inline styles

This text has some classes


Monitor ajax calls

Test Dom timeline

If you want to test Dom timeline you just have to click on the "Start recording" button on the plugin and click on the following button to change the Dom in the current page.


You can run this QUnit test in dashboard

QUnit.test( "Sample test", function( assert ) { assert.ok( document.getElementById("sampleInput").value == "42", "Passed!" ); });

Wants to use Vorlon in your production environment ?

If you want to use Vorlon in production, checkout this sample.

web standards and best practices

This block is for testing several aspects of web standards and best practice checks. Open the best practices sample to check more rules