Welcome to i, where vision is the future. The only way we can see the future is through our eyes, and now with i, you can do just that..


i, the new future of vision. “ i ” is a pair of contact lens with extraordinary capabilities. These contacts lenses will be able to assist you in all aspects of your daily life. Features include: The "i contacts can help make the life of the user much easier. The contacts allow you to see when you recieve texts, calls or any notifications, even when your phone is turned off. With the blink of an you can take pictures or record videos that save directly to your phone. The lens are also water resistant, which can allow you take breath taking under water pictures. If you want to search something on th web, you van just se your voice and just say what you want to search


“Technology has a new meaning thanks to “ i “. ” -Apple
“ An exquisite piece of technology that will enter us into a new age” -Samsung