Making flashcards is a sure-shot way of remembering those boring formulas/protocols/packet formats/whatever.

A Flashcard is essentially a Question-Answer pair.

How to make flashcards:

How to study the flashcards:

On-Screen Calculator:

Make sure you familiarize yourself with every part of the on-screen, point-and-click calculator that GATE 2016 features.




Utilize every minute:

Never leave the question paper until you run out of time.
The GATE interface will submit your answers automatically.

There will be many questions in GATE that can be solved by brute-forcing.
Some questions contain important clues that can reveal the answer to other questions.

Time Management:

GATE is not a race against time (65 questions/100 marks in 180 minutes).
However, if you wish to have some time to verify your answers, or if you wish to brute-force those last few questions, you need to improve your speed.

Thus, in future mock tests, try to experiment with time management.
Try different strategies.

Organize your rough copy:

You will be provided with some stationary during your exam. Always bring your own pens.
Practice keeping your rough copy organized.
In GATE, it is essential, because if you want to go back to a question, an organized rough copy means you can quickly start from where you left the question.
Organized rough copy
Don’t overdo it though.

Automate things:

If you’re living in a hostel/rented flat, and you don’t have access to a mess (you go out to eat), consider getting your food delivered to you in the last week.
It will cost you a bit more, but it will save a lot of valuable time.

Pee before you enter the exam hall:

Don’t take water bottles. You won’t get time to drink water during the exam.
Restroom Sign

Take some medicine:

If you’ve asthma or some similar condition, take your medicine with you!
A lot of students get asthma attacks due to high stress and tensions of the exam.
Asthma Inhaler
Also, irrespective of whether you’re feeling well or not, pop a Crocin (or similar). A single tablet won’t kill you, but it will prevent you from catching last minute fevers.

Also, eat some chocolate. Or mint (Mentos/Polo. Mint keeps your mind alert.)